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Knowledge Base

Care instructions:

Lucky Bamboo

*Keep above 50 degrees Fahrenheit

*Keep water level about once inch from the base of the stalk

*Avoid direct sunlight, exposing the plant to fluorescent light will turn the color of the stalk or the leaves into dark green color.

*When the stalks turn yellow, pull out immediately and replace with new ones to prevent spreading

*The plant is sick when the leaves change colors (dotted with light green dots), leaves become sticky with small white bumps, and small spider-web forms within the leaf sprouts.  Change the water and spray the whole plant with soap water everyday for one week.  If it does not work, wash the whole plant and the inside part of the vase with soap water.  The leaves will turn into original solid green color when it is healthy again.



Money Tree / Pachira

*Keep above 50 degrees Fahrenheit

*Only small amount of water is needed for once every two weeks.  Too much water will kill the tree.

*The tree is healthy when the trunk is solid and hard when you squeeze it.  If it is soft and spongy, then it is dead already.  Remove the dead trunk immediately to prevent spreading.

*Avoid direct sunlight, filtered sunlight is ok.




*Love full sun and moist dirt

*Not afraid of extreme hot or cold temperature, water once every 2~3 days